Study Links Bestiality and Penile Cancer; Women’s Health Risk Too?

Posted: November 29, 2011 by stopbestiality in Anti-bestiality, Health Issues
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If you weren’t already convinced that having sex with animals is a bad idea for many reasons, let’s add an increased possibility of penile cancer. As in roughly double the likelihood of developing it, according to a study done in Brazil, reported by NBC Bay Area.

Lead author Stênio de Cássio Zequi, a urologist in São Paulo, posits that the mucous membranes of animals’ genitalia may differ from those of humans, and the secretions may differ as well.  It is possible that having sex with animals produces microtraumas in human penile tissue as a result – which of course would provide a much easier port of entry, so to speak, for various microorganisms into the human tissue.  The fact that HPV (human papilloma virus) may also cause both cervical and penile cancer lends additional support to this theory.

While the study did not directly address the question of the effects of women having sex with animals, the concepts could reasonably be hypothesized to be analagous.

In other words, women who fuck animals could also have trauma to their sexual organs, including the vagina, and if the animal ejaculates in her body, the health risks are likely quite high as well, just from the microtrauma to the woman’s genitals.  Dogs are frequently used by women for bestiality, and the tie that is created when a male dog becomes engorged after entering the vagina could cause serious damage if either party tries to separate.  And just the fact that there is such a tie could reasonably be assumed to cause the kind of microtrauma of which Zequi has spoken.

Naturally, this would also apply if either gender were to engage in receptive anal sex with an animal as well.

It is also not out of the realm of possibility that the partners of either gender who has engaged in bestiality could be at risk as well, the same as they would be to contract HPV if their partner had it.  So you think it’s OK if your girlfriend fucks her dog but you don’t personally fuck any animals yourself?

Think again.

Even if she’s only done it in the past, before meeting you, and isn’t currently engaged in the practice, it’s not impossible that she could still be harboring whatever microorganisms that could be responsible for cancer or whatever else might be involved as well – and pass them on to you.

Sadly, the likelihood that either studies involving female practitioners of bestiality, or attempts to replicate the results of the Brazilian study will be undertaken anywhere in the near future is small, but the fact that this one investigation has already been done (along with some of the limited other reports) is encouraging that people are finally starting to take the problem of bestiality seriously enough to put some energy – and money – into investigating the issue.  It is most unfortunate that NBC only chose to post its article about this study in its News of the Weird section instead of reporting it as legitimate news, but at least it’s a start.


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