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European Parliament
TO: EU Parliament President and other representatives:
Bestiality is a worldwide occurrence, and largely ignored by most because of its shameful nature. Europe, which the world looks upon as the model of civilization, is not free from bestiality. European abusers struggle to justify this type of cruelty under the “freedom to rape animals” umbrella which grossly ignores the pain and stress caused by animal rapists. Like children, animals suffer terribly in the hands of their molesters.

EU members, such as The Netherlands and Denmark appear to be worse than the rest as they openly defend this cruel practice as the right of their minority of abusers. Denmark goes as far as permitting animal sex farm bordellos, a thriving business where their owners profit from animal rape. A statement from a public figure, supposed to be protecting animals in Denmark, has brought chills to the animal protection community: “It is OK to have sex with an animal as long as no suffering is inflicted on the animal… So there is no need to change the law as people’s rights would be violated by banning sex with animals.” Learn more from these links: &

All attempts to end this cruelty have been met with utmost complacency, closely resembling mockery. The issue of bestiality can go beyond hurting animals: If it is OK to rape animals “as long as it is not hurting others, ” then what will come next? Sex with children as long it is not hurting others? Animals and children are both vulnerable to rapists who take pleasure in sadistically overpowering their defenseless victims.

This is not about the rights of a minority to rape animals. It is about the pain caused to species that are not in a position to consent, and forced to do something unnatural to their nature. Would a child have sex with its molester if given a choice? Animals are not physically equipped to have sex with humans. When it happens it is rape. There is severe pain and fear involved in it, AND THEY DO GET HURT. Photos of small animals killed miserably during rape are abundant on the internet, and too gruesome to be posted here.

AN ANIMAL RAPIST COULD BE THE NEXT CHILD MOLESTER! Serial killers almost invariably start their bloody careers practicing on animals. What makes one believe that an animal rapist will not be the next child molester? Parents should be aware of those who practice bestiality so as to protect their children from possible child molesters.

Please take a moment to write to your representatives asking them to pass laws against bestiality simply because it is CRUEL and animal abusers are one step away from harming defenseless humans as well. On the above links, you will find addresses to the European Parliament and your representatives as well as letter samples.

By signing this petition, you will be asking the European Parliament leaders as well as your representatives, to pass laws to protect defenseless animals from being raped by humans. It is time for the world to stop defending the indefensible, and Europe, of all places, should take the first step to end this contemptible cruelty to satisfy a sadistic minority.

Thank you for your compassion,

The Anti-Fur Society, USA
The Bright Eyes Society, The Netherlands


Animals very much are harmed by having sex with people, whether receptive or active – and even if that contact is only oral.

I’m hoping to have reposting permission soon to I’ve now received permission and posted some writings by a kinky dog trainer who has an extensive background in dog psychology that further expands on the issue, but basically, at least with dogs, sexual behavior is a right reserved for the dominant animal in the pack, and when a pet is allowed to (or forced to) engage in such behavior with people, that makes him think he’s the boss – and that can have seriously negative repercussions for both the animal and the people.

The dominance problems that result from allowing an animal to behave in an alpha fashion with a person does result in many of these animals having to be put down – but often not before someone (frequently a child) is mauled or killed.  Even “just” allowing an animal to lick a human being sexually sets up this dominance psychology that can lead to problems.

I’d say this is a serious threat to the animal, as well as to people.

Remember that case a few years back with the couple whose large dogs mauled and killed a neighbor woman (I can’t remember the names offhand)?  If memory serves, I seem to recall there being information that the woman owner had been having sex with the dogs.  This was a big part of why they lost control of the animals.

Here’s also a link to some other case reports that show just how stressed some of these animals who are used for receptive sex by humans are, and how happy they are to be rid of their tormentors, despite the jerks’ claims that the dogs loved it – “Sexual Abuse of Animals: Crime and Fantasy“.

There is substantial evidence that people who commit violent crimes often get their start as animal abusers, and this much is well known.  What isn’t as well known is that of those people, the worst of them also have a history of sexual abuse of animals.  This subject is addressed more extensively on other posts on this blog, and in the links.

So even if the animals aren’t directly harmed, people clearly often are, which is reason enough by itself to ban a practice like this and make it illegal.

It is thus a critical public health issue to stop animal abuse in general, but also specifically sexual abuse of animals.