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Proposed Bestiality Ban in Sweden

Posted: December 2, 2011 by kinkylittlegirl in Anti-bestiality, Legal Matters

After years of debate on the issue, a new proposed law on animal welfare suggests the outlawing of sexual encounters with animals in Sweden, a practice previously decriminalized in 1944.

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Part 1.  Of Crimes and Punishments

Title 9.  Of Crimes Against the Person Involving Sexual Assault, and Crimes Against Public Decency and Good Morals

Chapter 5.  Bigamy, Incest, and the Crime Against Nature

Cal Pen Code § 286.5 (2010)

§ 286.5.  Sexual assault on animal

Any person who sexually assaults any animal protected by Section 597f for the purpose of arousing or gratifying the sexual desire of the person is guilty of a misdemeanor.

Bestiality Videos

Posted: June 11, 2011 by stopbestiality in Legal Matters

I’ve been doing some thinking (and discussing with others) about the issue of criminalizing videos of bestiality and other expressions of it such as erotica.

As utterly abhorrent to me as the mere thought is, for various reasons, I’ve had to come to the conclusion that perhaps so doing is really not the best thing to do after all.

The most important issue is that the reality is, I do fervently believe in freedom of speech and expression, and part of being in a society in which one may reasonably expect to have that freedom one’s own self means tolerating what others have to say, no matter how odious it is.

While it is true that it’s not possible to have videos of bestiality (or child porn, or whatever) without those hideous acts actually being committed, the problem is really not as much the actual videotaping of it as it is the actual act.

Now that said, I don’t believe anyone should be allowed to profit from such “works”.

The other reason I’ve decided I need to soften my stance on criminalizing bestiality videos is that like neo-nazi and other subversive activities, at least it is easier to know what is going on – and in more cases, to track it to the source.

I’ve also been reminded of something I’ve stumped for decades about with respect to drugs and alcohol, namely that prohibition doesn’t work.

I still don’t approve of these things, but if allowing the videos themselves to remain legal can help lead us to the people who commit these heinous acts so that they may be brought to justice, and the existence of the videos used as evidence to help convict them of the actual crime, then perhaps they are actually useful.

At the end of the day, though, the energy expended in criminalizing anything should be put towards increasing penalties for actual acts of bestiality, strengthening the laws against it, instituting new ones where they do not yet exist, creating registries for bestialists to have to register as sex offenders and animal abusers – and finding and punishing the actual practitioners, and stopping them from continuing their abuse of innocent, helpless creatures.

European Parliament
TO: EU Parliament President and other representatives:
Bestiality is a worldwide occurrence, and largely ignored by most because of its shameful nature. Europe, which the world looks upon as the model of civilization, is not free from bestiality. European abusers struggle to justify this type of cruelty under the “freedom to rape animals” umbrella which grossly ignores the pain and stress caused by animal rapists. Like children, animals suffer terribly in the hands of their molesters.

EU members, such as The Netherlands and Denmark appear to be worse than the rest as they openly defend this cruel practice as the right of their minority of abusers. Denmark goes as far as permitting animal sex farm bordellos, a thriving business where their owners profit from animal rape. A statement from a public figure, supposed to be protecting animals in Denmark, has brought chills to the animal protection community: “It is OK to have sex with an animal as long as no suffering is inflicted on the animal… So there is no need to change the law as people’s rights would be violated by banning sex with animals.” Learn more from these links: &

All attempts to end this cruelty have been met with utmost complacency, closely resembling mockery. The issue of bestiality can go beyond hurting animals: If it is OK to rape animals “as long as it is not hurting others, ” then what will come next? Sex with children as long it is not hurting others? Animals and children are both vulnerable to rapists who take pleasure in sadistically overpowering their defenseless victims.

This is not about the rights of a minority to rape animals. It is about the pain caused to species that are not in a position to consent, and forced to do something unnatural to their nature. Would a child have sex with its molester if given a choice? Animals are not physically equipped to have sex with humans. When it happens it is rape. There is severe pain and fear involved in it, AND THEY DO GET HURT. Photos of small animals killed miserably during rape are abundant on the internet, and too gruesome to be posted here.

AN ANIMAL RAPIST COULD BE THE NEXT CHILD MOLESTER! Serial killers almost invariably start their bloody careers practicing on animals. What makes one believe that an animal rapist will not be the next child molester? Parents should be aware of those who practice bestiality so as to protect their children from possible child molesters.

Please take a moment to write to your representatives asking them to pass laws against bestiality simply because it is CRUEL and animal abusers are one step away from harming defenseless humans as well. On the above links, you will find addresses to the European Parliament and your representatives as well as letter samples.

By signing this petition, you will be asking the European Parliament leaders as well as your representatives, to pass laws to protect defenseless animals from being raped by humans. It is time for the world to stop defending the indefensible, and Europe, of all places, should take the first step to end this contemptible cruelty to satisfy a sadistic minority.

Thank you for your compassion,

The Anti-Fur Society, USA
The Bright Eyes Society, The Netherlands

Animal Abuser Registry Proposed in CA

This legislation would create a registry much like the Megan’s Law registries for people who abuse animals in any way, including sexually.  The url above includes many links to other sites addressing the issue.

Unfortunately, this particular bill failed to advance, but hopefully new legislation will be reintroduced this year and pass.  I’m generally not a big fan of governmental intervention in our lives, but given the harm that results to both people and animals from animal abuse (and sexual abuse in particular), I think legislation of this sort is critical.  Other posts and links on this blog address the nature of that harm and its repercussions.

We don’t tolerate sexual predators who prey on humans in our midst without a registry; we should not tolerate animal abusers, either, including bestialists, without exposing them for who they are, and ensuring that they are brought to justice.

I will be monitoring this issue and will post updates here on the blog as I become aware of them.  Please contact your legislators and voice your support for such a bill.  Believe me, they do actually listen when their constituents take the time to do so.  It is amazing how few people it really takes to get them to support bills that people support, especially when logical arguments, and factual data are included. A number of states already have such registries, and more are being put in place as time goes by.

We need to get people who abuse animals – including sexually – off the streets and put away where they belong, and a means of notifying everyone else about the nature of their crimes put into place.

I’ve included a number of links on this website to what research on the subject I am aware of, and will also continue to update that as I learn more.

If you don’t live in CA, please support bills of this nature in your own home state, and if none are in process, please approach your legislators and ask them to sponsor one.

Please sign this petition at to make bestiality videos illegal.


~~How this works (Synopsis): Porn and torture videos are invasive, and not necessary for the sustenance or well being of the participants, thus nobody can sign for them. Children cannot legally sign a consent, and neither can beasts. This is a separate legal charge apart from existing porn laws due to lack of legal consent. It will also *automatically make bestiality videos…illegal. ~~

MANY AMERICANS RAPE ANIMALS: Some are so proud and shameless of it, they video record themselves doing it and post it all over the net. Not only is it tolerated in American – but it’s also protected as “free speech”. Tell me-what does RAPE have to do with any kind of free speech anyway? (Bestiality is LEGAL in 20 States!)

Bestiality is more common than people would like to think as evidenced by the wide spread sex porn on the net of humans engaging copulation with subhuman animals. It’s sick and revolting. Animals can’t talk and report sexual assaults. If a person Googles web search “dog sex”, “horse sex” or even “beast sex” a million returns depicting human engaging sex with some kind of animal that even teenagers are accessing, downloading, and sharing with peer-to-peer software contributing to the delinquency of minors in all 50 States and animal cruelty. Committing crime and this corruption of minors is not part of free speech. This reflects society as a whole-people watching bestiality videos will lead to the real thing: Bestiality recordings are very epidemic all over America. It’s just a matter of time people watching these videos people will go on and adopt their own “Free to good home” dog or cat to fulfill their unnatural sexual longings which will even injure the animal. These animals are small, and can’t report to the police they were cruelly abused.

This reflects society as a whole-people watching bestiality videos will eventually lead to the real thing as free to good home animals are everywhere, and what people do behind closed doors nobody will know about-they are after all getting off watching these videos, so massively available on the Web and will take it a step further.

LEGAL CONSENT MANDATE with pornography or torture videos due to its invasiveness; to include distribution.

Freedom of speech becomes the rape, or assault and battery, instrument when porn, or torture recordings without or without sexual contact, are created and/or distributed, against one’s will, or participant(s) unable to give legal consent; this includes acts of animal cruelty.

(1) This Act of Lack of consent is a separate charge from any existing laws regarding pornography of its creation and/or its distribution;

(2) This is to include the creation and/or distribution of any recorded media or photo;

(3) Pornography is invasive therefore requires legal consent of all participants: Works of sexual intercourse, and/or including infliction of pain and suffering (sadomasochism or torture videos with or without sexual contact): The work appeals to the prurient interests only lacking genuine scientific, artistic (i.e., fictional or computer generated) or political merit.

(4) No power of attorney or ownership of participant of said work can give legal consent because these pornographic recordings/distribution do not contribute to the welfare or sustenance of such individuals whether human or non-humans. Bestiality (humans having sex with animals) and necrophilia (live humans having sex with dead bodies) would be rendered illegal as these participants (subhuman animals, and the dead) cannot give legal consent. Child porn also lacks legal consent (minors cannot give legal consent). Any living thing who cannot give legal consent has no business being in a porn or sadomasochism flick.

(5) Recordings (and/or distribution) of any kind and photos of sexual activity, or torture (even without sexual contact), done by concealed cameras or equipment without the awareness of the participant(s) is prohibited due to lack of legal consent.

(5) This proposal cannot break existing legal contracts unless by usual due process of law.

(1) IN GENERAL- This section shall not apply with regard to any visual depiction of–
(A) customary and normal veterinary or agricultural husbandry practices;
(B) the slaughter of animals for food; or
(C) hunting, trapping, or fishing.
(A) a law enforcement agency; or
(B) a third party for the sole purpose of analysis to determine if referral to a law enforcement agency is appropriate.

Thank you for your time and reading.


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March 3: Sheriff: Coker man admits to sexually abusing dog. There is not an anti-bestiality law in Alabama.

A Coker man charged with animal cruelty admitted that he sexually abused a dog, Sheriff Ted Sexton said today.

Three witnesses told deputies that they saw Samuel Earl Sims, 56, abusing the mixed-breed dog at a home on Hillview Lane around midnight Sunday.

“These witnesses happened to observe this by accident,” Sexton said. “They were shocked and appalled.”

Deputies had the same reaction. They were working Monday to upgrade the misdemeanor animal cruelty charge to a felony.

“We’re aggressively trying to seek more serious charges,” Sexton said.

There is not an anti-bestiality law in Alabama.

Deputies were not sure Monday whether the 40-pound dog, named “Lady”, has an owner.

“It seems that she’s a neighborhood dog. If someone claims her, she will be returned to the owner,” he said. Otherwise, she may be available for adoption.

Veterinarian Dr. Jimmy Canant examined the dog and found no serious injuries, Sexton said. He said that the dog has a good disposition and got along with other dogs at the vet’s office.

The sheriff did not provide further details about the situation. He said that Sims admitted his guilt.

“Our defendant did give a statement admitting to the allegation that he had sexual intercourse with the dog,” he said. “This is the first time in my career that I have heard of anyone doing this.”

Two deputies discussing the case in Sexton’s office Monday morning said that they had heard similar allegations in the past, but did not know of any cases where there was evidence or an arrest made.

He was charged with Class A and Class B misdemeanor animal cruelty charges. A judge will later drop one of the charges.

He remained in the Tuscaloosa County Jail Monday afternoon with bail set at $1,500.

Sexton said that he contacted a state legislator Monday to discuss the possibility of introducing anti-bestiality legislation.

Sims has been arrested in the past. In 1992 he plead guilty to an arson charge after setting fire in several trailers and a car at a mobile home park in Shelby County. The court file indicated that Sims cannot read or write and has a fifth-grade education. A probation officer wrote that he was “somewhat” mentally disabled.

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