Does Having Sex With Animals Harm Anyone? Animals Show Great Stress

Posted: January 17, 2011 by stopbestiality in Anti-bestiality, Dog Psychology, Emotional Harm, Physical Harm
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Animals very much are harmed by having sex with people, whether receptive or active – and even if that contact is only oral.

I’m hoping to have reposting permission soon to I’ve now received permission and posted some writings by a kinky dog trainer who has an extensive background in dog psychology that further expands on the issue, but basically, at least with dogs, sexual behavior is a right reserved for the dominant animal in the pack, and when a pet is allowed to (or forced to) engage in such behavior with people, that makes him think he’s the boss – and that can have seriously negative repercussions for both the animal and the people.

The dominance problems that result from allowing an animal to behave in an alpha fashion with a person does result in many of these animals having to be put down – but often not before someone (frequently a child) is mauled or killed.  Even “just” allowing an animal to lick a human being sexually sets up this dominance psychology that can lead to problems.

I’d say this is a serious threat to the animal, as well as to people.

Remember that case a few years back with the couple whose large dogs mauled and killed a neighbor woman (I can’t remember the names offhand)?  If memory serves, I seem to recall there being information that the woman owner had been having sex with the dogs.  This was a big part of why they lost control of the animals.

Here’s also a link to some other case reports that show just how stressed some of these animals who are used for receptive sex by humans are, and how happy they are to be rid of their tormentors, despite the jerks’ claims that the dogs loved it – “Sexual Abuse of Animals: Crime and Fantasy“.

There is substantial evidence that people who commit violent crimes often get their start as animal abusers, and this much is well known.  What isn’t as well known is that of those people, the worst of them also have a history of sexual abuse of animals.  This subject is addressed more extensively on other posts on this blog, and in the links.

So even if the animals aren’t directly harmed, people clearly often are, which is reason enough by itself to ban a practice like this and make it illegal.

It is thus a critical public health issue to stop animal abuse in general, but also specifically sexual abuse of animals.

I was actually the unwitting – and entirely unconsenting – victim of this sort of thing many years ago, so I can attest personally to what happens.

I got a terrible urinary tract infection once that was something my doctor had never seen before.  Thankfully, broad spectrum antibiotics were able to cure it, but it was obviously some bug that humans don’t normally get, and he was at a complete loss.  It had to have come from somewhere.

Of course I discussed it with my then-boyfriend so that he could get treatment also, since we’d been having unprotected sex, and asked him what on earth could have caused it.

It turned out that my dog had started licking his balls from behind while we were having sex over the edge of the bed one night – and the SOB decided to let it continue since it felt good!

Needless to say, I got rid of that guy posthaste.

But my dog – good lord.  My normally very well-behaved baby became one hell of a handful for quite a while after that.

Fortunately I eventually got control of him again because I know what I’m doing with dogs and was able to put him back in his place when he challenged me, and he had an excellent temperament to start with (and we had a great relationship), but in the hands of someone less experienced with animals, and/or especially if he had been less well-bred and socialized to begin with, he could have easily escalated *instantly* into a serious nightmare to live with – and a real danger to everyone, because he weighed over 60lbs.

Thankfully, I never had any other problem with him, because I was always able to maintain my alpha status and to fairly easily reassert it when necessary, but I really think I was extremely lucky.  The average pet owner would have been in a much worse situation.

It was really pretty scary for a while, because I literally had to alpha roll him a number of times to stop the constant dominance challenges that went on for a while – and I’m not a large woman, so it was not easy to hold him down when I had to.

Of course I was also at greatly increased risk of being bitten and mauled in the process if I had failed to keep him down.  Some real bruises and scratches did result.  He was at risk of injury as well because of the struggle, particularly on a hard floor.

And this was with a dog who had always clearly acknowledged me as alpha before, too.  It clearly just completely flipped in his mind in an instant.

It was astonishing how hard it was to reestablish my own alpha status after just this one incident when I wasn’t even the most direct recipient of the behavior!

I was really angry with that guy for putting both my dog and me in this position, where not only was both of our physical health compromised and endangered, but so was our relationship.  I could have lost my beloved companion because of this one incident.  He could have lost his life.

So don’t anyone try to tell *me* that there’s anything even remotely good about even letting an animal lick a person in a sexual manner even once, never mind anything else.

No matter what you think morally, it is just plain DANGEROUS to both people and the animal.

And you cannot tell me that any animal up and decides it’s OK to put his own life at risk by behaving according to his instincts when we humans fail to stop it when that behavior results in danger to any of us, human or otherwise.  They don’t know any better – WE have to protect them, even from their own instincts of this nature, when acting on them will so negatively affect the delicate balance we live with in order to have them as cherished companions in our lives.

We humans don’t get to just go around acting on our baser instincts just because we are born with them when to do so will cause harm to others, and in a civilized society, neither do other creatures get to do that unfettered, either.


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